San Francisco, California, USA


DNA Lounge


Extension to an existing nightclub.


12,000 ft²


Completion, 2012


T Jason Anderson


The DNA Lounge has been operating as a nightclub in the SOMA district of San Francisco for over thirty years. This project combined the DNA Lounge building with the adjacent building housing: the newly purchased pizza business, renamed DNA Pizza. The project opens up two passages through the former dividing wall, allowing new means of egress and increasing the occupancy capacity of the DNA Lounge, as well as adding new rooms to the club interior.

The existing DNA aesthetic involves an exposure of infrastructural elements, which is maintained in the new expansion areas. In addition to this work, studioANOMALOUS suggested the utilization of anamorphic projections in a variety of key areas. The video above shows the installation of 'razzle dazzle' paint, as used in World War I ship camouflage, to work against the human eyes' ability to perceive depth. This effective installation was painted by Devon Dossett and is featured in the rear room of the new extension.