studioANOMALOUS is a progressive San Francisco based spatial design firm experimenting with perception and sensory interfaces. Our research explores how fabrication, simulation, and augmentation are currently shifting our collective perception of environments.

sA is a full service design firm with work experience ranging in scales from small installations and fabrication projects, to urban planning and infrastructural design. sA also provides other design firms with fully immersive interactive virtual environments of unbuilt architectural projects and barely imaginable landscapes.

In our work, we seek to employ cutting edge technologies in an effort to optimize the design and construction process, push the abilities and conventions of visualization, and engage with the ultimate designed space in a richer way. It is the belief of studioANOMALOUS that technology is vastly altering the way in which we perceive the built world around us through three methods: production, simulation, and augmentation. In everyone of our projects we employ at least one of these methods producing a truly contemporary product.

T. Jason Anderson, Founder & Partner

T. Jason Anderson, Founder & Partner

T Jason Anderson earned a B.A. in Architecture from UC Berkeley and worked in San Francisco before relocating to New York City. After receiving his M.Arch degree from Columbia University, Jason explored New York City through a series of professional engagements that ranged from a video game startup to animation and print development before rejoining the architectural profession in 2002. He returned to San Francisco in 2006 to teach at California College of the Arts. After having worked with K+D.Lab, a.BIO+ and SHoP Architects in New York City, Group41 in San Francisco, and having run a solo practice for multiple years, Jason formed studioANOMALOUS with Digo Lima in 2013. 

Jason has taught design related courses with an emphasis on technology within both the graduate and undergraduate departments of California College of the Arts, University of California Berkeley, Columbia University, Parsons School of Design, and Pratt Institute. 

When Jason is not in the office he is typically either exploring the roads of the United States (49 so far) on his modern Triumph motorcycle, or restoring and customizing vintage cafe racers.

Digo Lima, Founder & Partner

Digo Lima, Founder & Partner

Digo Lima earned a B.S. in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology before joining a design team at Perkins + Will. He then relocated to San Francisco to pursue his M.Arch degree at California College of the Arts. A portion of his in-depth research thesis, "Mine the Gap", which explored methods by which to rethink the design process within the digital age, was published in PLAT 1.5: Mind the Gap as well as Construct No.1: Control Structure. Digo has worked with Anderson Anderson Architecture, Fourm Design Studio, and as a freelance contract designer and fabricator before forming his own sole proprietorship, Process, in an effort to interrogate the implementation of technology in the process and production of design. In 2013, he formed studioANOMALOUS with Jason Anderson to continue this research and experimentation.

When Digo is not in the office he can be found either sailing on the San Francisco bay, or crafting a delicious home-brew to share with friends. 

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