Exhibited Fall 2011


Digo Lima


The premise of this series is to explore the notion and definition of "beauty" through scripting and transformative digital modeling techniques. All of the forms produced in this series are the product of a relentless application of sequential operations derived from mathematic's most "beautiful" sequences and equations, such as the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. Each originate from an idealized geometry such as a cube, golden plane, etc. 

Within the contemporary discourse of architecture, an increasing number of architects and theorists have been outwardly accepting of the idea that much of architecture is the act of ones subjective decision of what is “beautiful” or "elegant". In a time where rule based architectural strategies are the overwhelming dominant, such an argument for intuition and subjectivity is difficult to support. However, particularly within the community of parametric designers, the idea of knowing when to stop and what is "elegant" or "beautiful" has become one of the most definitive delineators between mediocre and inspiring computational design. 

The following series is merely and exercise. Please feel free to develop your own subjective opinions. All the items here are difficult to definitively categorize as “beautiful”, even though they are all relentlessly and rationally generated.